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New Web Address

February 15, 2011

I finally got a self hosted blog 🙂 the new address is I was able to add all the fun following stuff so I hope you all join me over there.

A Little Late, but here it is….

February 2, 2011

A Red Carpet Round-up. What I thought and how I see it. All in the words of your’s truly. 🙂 Ha. Here we go…

First up we have Julia Stiles. Now Ms. Stiles seems to be revving back up for a career come back because let’s face it no one really remembers her for her work in The Bourne Identity…no they remember Save the Last Dance and some even remember 10 Things I Hate About You with the always remembered Heath Ledger.

Now with her recent stint on Dexter Julia is actually proving to be quite the force on the Red Carpet and she does her comeback quite well in this gorgeous two toned Monique Lhuiller gown, whom I personally love because her styles are always feminine and soft and she of course makes her home base LA, which is rare for a designer like her.  So A- for Julia.

Next up is Natalia Portman. Now Natalie of course has had quite the year she had 4 movies come out with a few more on the way (gots to love imbd) anyway of course everyone knows she’s here for her performance in the Black Swan, but she’s making even more headlines for carrying herself so well while she has a baby in the oven (Bun just sounds too delicious and I’m on a diet). Natalie went with a Azzaro gown and I actually love it. I think as a pregnant woman it’s easy to go wrong, but she does a fantastic job by keeping it simple and not trying to hard that baby bump. I say B+…not my favorite, but still well executed.

Now we have Mila Kunis wearing my favorite designer ever McQueen. Of course this is just from the line since this particular dress is from the resort Spring 2011 line, but I’ve seen it before and I loved it then and I love it now. I think the cut looks amazing on her and it doesn’t over take her small frame it actually accentuates it. As well she was smart and didn’t go overboard with the hair or heels. Let’s face it when wearing McQueen the dress is the lead and the jewels are the audience technically.  So anyway this one is an A+ for me.

So Jennifer Lawrence in Oscar de La Renta. Sadly I’m a little more familiar with the designer of this one than actress (though I did imbd stalk her and saw she will be in X-Men First Class anywho…) This dress was a stand out. A color that really caught my eye and some people might hate it and find it inappropriate for this award show, but I didn’t think that at all. I think by wearing it it gave her a lot more attention. Plus the color doesn’t wash her out the cut is great and she has an excellent body for it. So why would you hate it. The bottom line is it simple works. A.

Now we have a lady who needs no imbd-ing. Hilary Swank and Ms. Swank is wearing Versace. Always a win on the red carpet. I like the cut and the color works and over all it’s an A though not my favorite dress my favorite dress will always be the Guy Laroche dress from the 2005 Oscars. It was unexpected and  Red Carpet Wowza…everyone talked about that dress and for the most part it was the best dress on the carpet that night. Hence why I can really only like this one. Sadly it sucks in Hollywood sometimes because everyone peaks and then after the peak really you just become an “Eh, it’s alright, but not as good as…” on just about everyone’s list.

If I have to explain Glee I should shoot you. I love that show, but I’ve always been privy to musicals. Anway Amber Riley showed the world her curves in an Anne Barge dress. It hugged her beautifully and really she showed larger girls how to do it right on the red carpet and showed skinny girls the big middle finger because yes big girls can have curves and rock them too. Oh and they can be on hit shows :). A for Amber.

Oddly enough I totally forgot Sarah Hyland was once a short lived sitcom with Brooke Shields called the Cashmere Mafia, but now she is back in a show that wont get cancelled thank god because I love that show and girl plays her cards right just like she did here in a Max Mara gown. The cut is one that you will see from time to time on celebs of all ages, but the color suits her. It’s not making her look old, but instead very youthful and age appropriate. Not many people in young Hollywood seem to get that part right. Either they dress like they are Sandra Bullock or they dress like they are auditioning for a remake of Showgirls. All in all girl get’s a solid B.

Amy Adams. Honestly I love her and god bless her she always get’s confused for Isla Fisher, who was in Confessions of a Shopaholic. Amy was in Sunshine Cleaning and Julie and Julia (very different movies) yet no they are both red heads and both petite so it happens. Well Amy Adams most definitely stood out at the SAGS by wearing a Herve Leouz Halter gown and killing it on the red carpet. It hugged her curves like glove and you have to give props either to the fact that she has 10 pairs of spanx on or that she is gym rat because if she had a flaw that dress would show it. So A- for her.

Now we get into the crying games. Oh Diana I love your character on Glee, but let’s face it to pull of vintage Chanel you need an ego that says I think I’m classy and all that…so basically you have to be Lea Michelle. I just don’t think this dress suited her outfit and if you want to see the whole outfit visit Yahoo. It has the satin sash and bow thing going on that’s almost matronly on her. The dress makes her look terribly short and the color does not help the skin tone, though I do love the hair and eye makeup it works for her. All in all C+/B-.

I have no qualms with Jenna Fischer mainly because I’ve never watched the office. So really all I can say is the color is nice, but why are you so angry and why do you look matronly? I mean it if you don’t look happy on the red carpet you really shouldn’t walk it because people will notice and take photos of it. Like this one.  Then of course you have the cut on the top. The dress lays alright, but it’s just drab. I can’t think of anything else, but that. Ugh…solid C for me.

Finally we have Kate Mara in a WTF because apparently no one knows the designer not that the designer would want to claim this hybrid between a Herve Leger dress and a pine cone. It’s just all wrong. The hair is awful and makes her look like she’s scared. The dress is just distracting which is sad because she obviously has a good body, but literally you can’t look at this and not think ‘What is up with that bottom?’ F for Mara sorry girl you deserve it either that or your stylist does or the person who designed that thing does take your pick. 🙂

In the mean time if you can’t think of who Kate Mara is she was in 127 Hours with James Franco and her sister of course is Rooney Mara, who is well on her way to A list status after starring in Nightmare on Elm Street (worst reboot ever), The Social Network and of course she won out the role as The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and is now on a lot of magazines so soon enough she will be household.

Well that wraps up my overview. I wish I could have talked about everyone, but think as your reading this and thinking ugh this is too much to read I’m writing and thinking ugh why did I write so much.
So with that I must say Adieu until next time. XOXO Kate


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Bad Kitty

January 31, 2011

I never really had a problem with leopard, sure I get annoyed when it’s trending and everyone on every blog I read is wearing it, but all in all I think it can be done quite brilliantly and when styled correctly it make for some amazing outfits.

Now notice how in all of the above Runway shots the designer purposely separated the always busy leopard print with belts and complimentary tones such as camel and black (always a win if you’re a beginner with leopard print and don’t want to try any other colors), but alas these trends don’t always correlate well to say celebrities or everyday people like you and I and hell sometimes even designers can make you go WTF. So now I bring you the 12 leopard wearing mistakes you should never make unless it’s Halloween or your dressing in drag because darling really only a gay man with too much fashion sense for one gender could pull this off. (Ha by the way if you didn’t get that watch “Too Wong Foo, Thanks for everything. Julie Newmar” best movie ever)

1. The always disastrous cleavage kitty. Sure you may think it’s hot, but the only time this is acceptable is when your hanging out Downtown and it’s the end of the month and you need some extra cash.

2. Oh Blumarine why did you disappoint me and decide that you had to mix the 70’s with some leopard. Sorry boys and girls, but leopard print bell bottoms are always a no. So if you see them walk away far away.

3. Unless you Kesha just don’t do it. Sure you make think you need to show off your midriff and it does separate the leopard, but really it just looks cheap.

4. Pink leopard print. I think the photo says why this is wrong.

5. Now I’m not sure where this is from, but if you ever see someone accessorizing leopard print with Tulle and huge puff sleeves tell them not to do it. The puff sleeves just ruin what could otherwise be a very nice top.

6. Leopard track suit? Who came up with this? Juicy? Probably anyway if your going with a velour track suit make sure you go with black or solitary colors. Prints on track suits just remind me of someone who would probably be seen on The People Of Wal-Mart. Very midwestern hick (I’m midwestern I can say it so don’t be offended).

7. Tiger, Leopard and Feathers. Oh, My? Oh, hunny you need to fire your stylist. Sorry, but this was a J-LO fail whoever things feathers and cat prints go together they are wrong. Listen if you don’t see two things together in nature then it probably wont work even in the whimsical sense of things.

8. An all pink leopard suit, with too much cleavage and a gold belt. Ladies and gentlemen that is a triple fail. You already know the pink is garish, the cleavage is desperate and the gold belt…well maybe that is just me, but metallics and leopard prints never go together I swear I have never seen one instance of this work. So if you have anything show me I’d like to see if it looks good or not or if you are certifiable insane for liking that mix.

9. Blue leopard. What can I say Bluemarine delivered the bad taste this year. Yes Blue doesn’t work either. Sorry, but have you ever seen a blue leopard? No, then it doesn’t work.

10. Leopards in water? No then don’t do it. Actually, I do like leopard bikinis, but a solid print of it just makes you look like you belong on the Jersey Shore, which in this case it’s actually appropriate because that is Snookie, but still. Stay away from solid leopard swimsuits they do not make you look sexy in any way or trendy for that matter.

11. Just a bonus pic. I can’t get over how horrible 70’s those outfits are.

12. For one the shirt is way too large and for 2 yellow? Who designed that it looks like someone barfed all over a yellow garbage bag and called it a shirt.

And there you have it 12 very bad leopard trends. Don’t be a victim to these monstrosities just say no and always use muted tones like camel and black. Once you get daring you can always try some red tones, which I’ve seen work on numerous occasions followed by some purple. Also, if your afraid of going overboard with prints try introducing it to your outfit with little pieces like ballerina slippers or scarfs and then work your way up to dresses and skirts. Once you practice a little bit it’s not hard to mix and match prints like this into your wardrobe.


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When Good Trends Go Bad (Technically Part 2)

January 25, 2011

So after reading about Selena’s Gomez favorite clothing item today “The Jegging” I decided this post was needed. The following should be fairly self explanatory, but if you have questions please comment below.

Lots of Love: Kate


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The Scary Part of Trends

January 21, 2011

You want to know what scares me about trends? They don’t always trickle down the fashion ladder like they should.

This is why when I saw Camilla Belle wearing a bandeau top with a blazer ( though looking quite amazing because she’s got killer abs) I thought “Oh, No! this isn’t going to be good”. Already, we have seen this look on the runway, which is why I included the Maji Spring Collection for reference, and now Celebrities. Next should be fashion bloggers followed by normal folks. The problem with normal folks … they don’t always do it right. For reference see below…

Now not to be insulting because I bare the few extra inches of the McD’s Fries as well, but come on? There are just some people who need to cover it up and sadly when trends hit everyone thinks they have the confidence of Kate Moss and can strut their junk all over without consequence, the only problem being is maybe they wont pay for it, but our eyes will.

Trust me this is not being mean it’s just a brutally honest view point of the world of fashion and the many horrors that can stem from it. Hell look at what happened with skinny jeans? Next came leggings and then came websites dedicated to the always glamourous camel toe. Phew thank god bell bottoms are back in style that’s all I can say on that matter.

Anyway, let’s hope this trend doesn’t play out and who ever styled Camilla that night doesn’t decide to play this trend on any other celebs or we may pay the ultimate price.


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Birchbox Beauty Time

January 20, 2011

What is this? Another post so soon? It’s amazing to me anyway. Ha actually I just got my Birchbox in the mail and wanted to talk about it a little bit. I kind of ramble, but I do make it through the box, but for those of you who don’t want to watch I suggest you read this Refinery29 article that explains what it is way better and faster than most videos out there…in the mean time let me know what you think? Should I cover more beauty products or what?

That’s all for today lub lub 🙂 Kate


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The Red Carpet Faves

January 19, 2011

Okay I know I was behind on this, but as they say never late than ever. After seeing the photos from the Red Carpet arrivals I had to share my faves and two of my not so faves so here we go…

Olivia Wilde looking like a princess is the always a show stopper Marchesa

January Jones in Versace (A Red Carpet Staple)

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen though not her best angle

Jenna Ushkowitz in Rebecca Taylor (Glee girl looked hot)

Eva Longoria in Zac Posen (I don’t care who thinks it was boring she was boobalicious and looked great)

P.S. Red Carpet trend fish tale gowns (Seriously look at the gallery there is a lot of mermaid action going on)

As for worst dressed it has to go to one of my fave actresses Helena Bohman Carter, though, it’s not a horribly thing because she is purposely quirky, but her outfit hurt my eyes it’s like she tried too hard to be the worst dressed and in her failure she succeeded.

Not mentioned for worst dressed, but deserve honorable mentions are: Michelle Williams in Valentino, Tilda Swinton Jill Sander, Gabourey Sibide in Marc Bouwer and Annette Benning who appeared to have just come from bed in a psych ward.

For a full feature list of celebrities in their glory I suggest this fantastic gallery here: Red Carpet Report Card


Until next time XOXO Kate


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There’s a handbag and then there’s…

January 16, 2011

A really really expensive Handbag. This is the Victoria Beckham hexagonal chain handbag available via Net-A-Porter and currently costs $13,950 :O. Yeah my jaw dropped not because of the price, though, but because it’s almost sold out! Now you have to figure even if they were carrying less than 10 bags they still pulled in a lot of mula from this because they probably have more than that and 10 bags would be close to $140,000 again :O.

Then you have to ask who out there can buy this? Perhaps it’s my own indulgence, but I feel like there should not be this many people in the world that have enough money to make this bag almost sell out. Ugh lucky bums. It’s a gorgeous bad and of course it’s made form real crocodile and probably stitched to perfection so it will last, but the shock value remains.

Now the final question if you had the money would you buy this bag? I think because of how I grew up I would be too scared to touch this bag. Granted it’s still not the most expensive bag on the market, but it’s still damn expensive.

In the mean time I’m just coming off of a sinus infection go figure. I start working out the weather in Cali goes back to the amazingly nice 70’s and causes me to get all snuffly. Irony, but the good news is the workouts are still going on and I signed up for personal training which really better be worth the money because I figure if you pay that much for something you’re going to use it. Unless your one of the people who can afford this bag then you probably have enough money to not really care that much, but who knows.


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Celebrity Style

January 13, 2011

Photos via JustJared it was the only one without heinous water marks.

Now we’ve all seen the campaigns with the flowy dresses on the beach, but how many of them have Rumer Willis in them? I love Badgley Mischka there designs are classy and elegant and of course romantic, but I think we all questioned the choice of Rumer being their Spring 2011 go to girl, but you know it works.

The photos get her at her best angles and hide what we all know is there, the chin…the one she inherited from her daddy and it shows off her long lean body that her mom obviously helped give her and the clothing fits amazingly well on her. I love this add campaign and I think after seeing the photos I don’t doubt the decision of making Rumer the spokesmodel for 2011.

On another note. I am so horribly off my rocker with this blog I’m still trying to work it out, but I’m wondering what to do for content. Maybe just write on what I see during the day. I don’t want this to be a personal blog someone would call the asylum on me if they knew about my real life, but I want it to focus on fashion and beauty without being cheesey or homely. If you have any ideas on what my focus should be let me know. I have my strengths for sure, but sometimes you need someone else to point them out to you.


In the mean XOXO Kate.



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January 10, 2011

Is it just me or is this an incredibly awkward photo. I was gawking at the VS website again after I got my purchases that came with a little card saying to check out the swimwear collection. This is the Spanx suit and where as Ms. Lima is looking great it’s really not doing anything for her body and it looks like her boobs are sagging. This is not what I want of my Spanx.

With that I have to say perception counts and sadly as much as most of us out there wish we were above looks we aren’t. Why else do you explain why so many men and women in Hollywood wear size 0 pants and have to have flawless skin? It’s another ploy in marketing really, but half of us don’t realize how much we judge even ourselves. I don’t think it should be about perception it should be about lifestyle, but it’s normally not. Anyway working in the industry I do I have to face this day after day and I get it I’m not a 6 foot super model, but I’d like a little more respect, but before I get that I have to give it to myself….


And now I’d like to state I’m making a change or attempting too. I created a new channel on Youtube called FitnessSlap. This is going to be my personal fitness diary. I went ahead and signed up for Gold’s Gym and I have great timing because they are doing a 12 week challenge right now and the national winner can get $12,000. Something I could use. I’m going to go for it. The goal during this first part is to drop from 193 to around 160 my real goal weight is 140 meaning overall I’m looking to lose about 12 inches on my waist.

Hopefully I stick with it this time so if you want to follow me you can find my channel here. Otherwise wish me luck and who knows if I get to my goal maybe I’ll do more outfit posts. After all I would love to be able to fit into some of the designers I love so much.


Here’s to Health. XOXO Kate.



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