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Bad Kitty

January 31, 2011

I never really had a problem with leopard, sure I get annoyed when it’s trending and everyone on every blog I read is wearing it, but all in all I think it can be done quite brilliantly and when styled correctly it make for some amazing outfits.

Now notice how in all of the above Runway shots the designer purposely separated the always busy leopard print with belts and complimentary tones such as camel and black (always a win if you’re a beginner with leopard print and don’t want to try any other colors), but alas these trends don’t always correlate well to say celebrities or everyday people like you and I and hell sometimes even designers can make you go WTF. So now I bring you the 12 leopard wearing mistakes you should never make unless it’s Halloween or your dressing in drag because darling really only a gay man with too much fashion sense for one gender could pull this off. (Ha by the way if you didn’t get that watch “Too Wong Foo, Thanks for everything. Julie Newmar” best movie ever)

1. The always disastrous cleavage kitty. Sure you may think it’s hot, but the only time this is acceptable is when your hanging out Downtown and it’s the end of the month and you need some extra cash.

2. Oh Blumarine why did you disappoint me and decide that you had to mix the 70’s with some leopard. Sorry boys and girls, but leopard print bell bottoms are always a no. So if you see them walk away far away.

3. Unless you Kesha just don’t do it. Sure you make think you need to show off your midriff and it does separate the leopard, but really it just looks cheap.

4. Pink leopard print. I think the photo says why this is wrong.

5. Now I’m not sure where this is from, but if you ever see someone accessorizing leopard print with Tulle and huge puff sleeves tell them not to do it. The puff sleeves just ruin what could otherwise be a very nice top.

6. Leopard track suit? Who came up with this? Juicy? Probably anyway if your going with a velour track suit make sure you go with black or solitary colors. Prints on track suits just remind me of someone who would probably be seen on The People Of Wal-Mart. Very midwestern hick (I’m midwestern I can say it so don’t be offended).

7. Tiger, Leopard and Feathers. Oh, My? Oh, hunny you need to fire your stylist. Sorry, but this was a J-LO fail whoever things feathers and cat prints go together they are wrong. Listen if you don’t see two things together in nature then it probably wont work even in the whimsical sense of things.

8. An all pink leopard suit, with too much cleavage and a gold belt. Ladies and gentlemen that is a triple fail. You already know the pink is garish, the cleavage is desperate and the gold belt…well maybe that is just me, but metallics and leopard prints never go together I swear I have never seen one instance of this work. So if you have anything show me I’d like to see if it looks good or not or if you are certifiable insane for liking that mix.

9. Blue leopard. What can I say Bluemarine delivered the bad taste this year. Yes Blue doesn’t work either. Sorry, but have you ever seen a blue leopard? No, then it doesn’t work.

10. Leopards in water? No then don’t do it. Actually, I do like leopard bikinis, but a solid print of it just makes you look like you belong on the Jersey Shore, which in this case it’s actually appropriate because that is Snookie, but still. Stay away from solid leopard swimsuits they do not make you look sexy in any way or trendy for that matter.

11. Just a bonus pic. I can’t get over how horrible 70’s those outfits are.

12. For one the shirt is way too large and for 2 yellow? Who designed that it looks like someone barfed all over a yellow garbage bag and called it a shirt.

And there you have it 12 very bad leopard trends. Don’t be a victim to these monstrosities just say no and always use muted tones like camel and black. Once you get daring you can always try some red tones, which I’ve seen work on numerous occasions followed by some purple. Also, if your afraid of going overboard with prints try introducing it to your outfit with little pieces like ballerina slippers or scarfs and then work your way up to dresses and skirts. Once you practice a little bit it’s not hard to mix and match prints like this into your wardrobe.


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  1. January 31, 2011 6:01 pm

    i love the fur coat by valentino. it’s a fierce trend
    and i’m totally agree with you about the ‘cleavage kitty’. such a disaster..

  2. February 1, 2011 2:54 am

    Greaaaat pieces! I’m a sucker for leopard, there’s no other print I love more!

  3. February 1, 2011 9:06 am

    amazin post and blog:)


  4. February 1, 2011 6:41 pm

    lovely blog!


  5. February 1, 2011 7:43 pm

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