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There’s a handbag and then there’s…

January 16, 2011

A really really expensive Handbag. This is the Victoria Beckham hexagonal chain handbag available via Net-A-Porter and currently costs $13,950 :O. Yeah my jaw dropped not because of the price, though, but because it’s almost sold out! Now you have to figure even if they were carrying less than 10 bags they still pulled in a lot of mula from this because they probably have more than that and 10 bags would be close to $140,000 again :O.

Then you have to ask who out there can buy this? Perhaps it’s my own indulgence, but I feel like there should not be this many people in the world that have enough money to make this bag almost sell out. Ugh lucky bums. It’s a gorgeous bad and of course it’s made form real crocodile and probably stitched to perfection so it will last, but the shock value remains.

Now the final question if you had the money would you buy this bag? I think because of how I grew up I would be too scared to touch this bag. Granted it’s still not the most expensive bag on the market, but it’s still damn expensive.

In the mean time I’m just coming off of a sinus infection go figure. I start working out the weather in Cali goes back to the amazingly nice 70’s and causes me to get all snuffly. Irony, but the good news is the workouts are still going on and I signed up for personal training which really better be worth the money because I figure if you pay that much for something you’re going to use it. Unless your one of the people who can afford this bag then you probably have enough money to not really care that much, but who knows.


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Celebrity Style

January 13, 2011

Photos via JustJared it was the only one without heinous water marks.

Now we’ve all seen the campaigns with the flowy dresses on the beach, but how many of them have Rumer Willis in them? I love Badgley Mischka there designs are classy and elegant and of course romantic, but I think we all questioned the choice of Rumer being their Spring 2011 go to girl, but you know it works.

The photos get her at her best angles and hide what we all know is there, the chin…the one she inherited from her daddy and it shows off her long lean body that her mom obviously helped give her and the clothing fits amazingly well on her. I love this add campaign and I think after seeing the photos I don’t doubt the decision of making Rumer the spokesmodel for 2011.

On another note. I am so horribly off my rocker with this blog I’m still trying to work it out, but I’m wondering what to do for content. Maybe just write on what I see during the day. I don’t want this to be a personal blog someone would call the asylum on me if they knew about my real life, but I want it to focus on fashion and beauty without being cheesey or homely. If you have any ideas on what my focus should be let me know. I have my strengths for sure, but sometimes you need someone else to point them out to you.


In the mean XOXO Kate.



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January 10, 2011

Is it just me or is this an incredibly awkward photo. I was gawking at the VS website again after I got my purchases that came with a little card saying to check out the swimwear collection. This is the Spanx suit and where as Ms. Lima is looking great it’s really not doing anything for her body and it looks like her boobs are sagging. This is not what I want of my Spanx.

With that I have to say perception counts and sadly as much as most of us out there wish we were above looks we aren’t. Why else do you explain why so many men and women in Hollywood wear size 0 pants and have to have flawless skin? It’s another ploy in marketing really, but half of us don’t realize how much we judge even ourselves. I don’t think it should be about perception it should be about lifestyle, but it’s normally not. Anyway working in the industry I do I have to face this day after day and I get it I’m not a 6 foot super model, but I’d like a little more respect, but before I get that I have to give it to myself….


And now I’d like to state I’m making a change or attempting too. I created a new channel on Youtube called FitnessSlap. This is going to be my personal fitness diary. I went ahead and signed up for Gold’s Gym and I have great timing because they are doing a 12 week challenge right now and the national winner can get $12,000. Something I could use. I’m going to go for it. The goal during this first part is to drop from 193 to around 160 my real goal weight is 140 meaning overall I’m looking to lose about 12 inches on my waist.

Hopefully I stick with it this time so if you want to follow me you can find my channel here. Otherwise wish me luck and who knows if I get to my goal maybe I’ll do more outfit posts. After all I would love to be able to fit into some of the designers I love so much.


Here’s to Health. XOXO Kate.



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Techno-Fashion Geek

January 7, 2011

It took me about 45 minutes or so on Twitter tonight and YouTube to realize CES is going on. I am a tech junky so then I spent another hour looking at the new toys that are soon be out. Then I remembered I really need to add something to this blog, but what? Then I had my AHA! moment and that brings me to Tecno-Fashion. Some hate it some love it, but here I have compiled what I think are the most beautiful tecno-fashionable trends out there.

We begin with the Diana Eng inflatable dress, which from the back doesn’t look like much, but from the front it actually has the ability play hose to multiple silhouettes something that takes a lot of sewing to accomplish other wise. Next up is the Rodarte LED shoes eerie and yet so eye attracting. This is followed by a gorgeous Mary Huang LED dress. We have all seen LED dresses ala Katy Perry for instance, but let’s face it this one is gorgeous and wearable I mean I would totally rock those lights if I could…wouldn’t you?

And of course I could not leave with out mentioning the Lucy McRae fluid dress from Robyn’s Indestructible video. It’s not the most practical of tech-fashion, but it’s so much fun to watch don’t you think?

Oh! and last, but not least here’s a little video for you that was taken of the spray on fabric that was being used to make that dress. Now here I am curious of your opinions because I like what they are doing, though I find spray on fabric to be a little creepy. Other’s though have stated opposition saying that it’s ugly. Opinions? (Ha I guess this turned into me asking questions mainly, but I really want to know others opinions on this I know mine tech+fashion=happy kate :). Watch the video let me know and now I must bid you adieu.



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Reviews Vs. Endorsements

January 4, 2011

A photo I took above LA when I took off for home 🙂

This is just a quick video I put together talking about the difference in reviews and endorsements. I know it should be common sense, but it really bothers me how certain people out there do not get the difference and think it’s alright to trash a product and still get paid.

Also, I get to wear my super comfy sweatshirt my mom gave me for Christmas. What can I say right after work I am a creature of comfort, but I promise being my fashion loving self I do wear better clothes during the day…well except today I wore Uggs and I don’t care who thinks they are ugly it’s like rubbing your foot on your dog or cat (You know you’ve done that …don’t judge) Love you all. Now here’s the video…



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Shopping 101

January 3, 2011

New Year, New Sales, Time to shop for oneself once more. The great part is January is an awesome time to load up on winter apparel and old spring items because it will be on sale. Why? Because Spring lines should be releasing by now. Out with the old in with the new.

Because of my fashion know how and common sense I knew the VS Semi Annual Sale would be going on. Normally I would load up on bras and panties, but this time I went for the Moto Stitch Jeans I have been dying to get my hands on, another modal tank top for $15, and that beautiful tunic you see in the first pic. The Tunic was a purchase whim that I hope I wont regret, but peeps the Modal Tank is so worth the full asking price, but I knew the sale would be in the beginning of January so I waiting. I already have one other. The great part with it is it lasts in the wash.

(Tip Time)Modal holds color a lot better than other fabrics and it’s way softer than 100% cotton so if you ever have a choice of getting 2 Tee’s for $10 or one Modal tee for $15 go with Modal it will last you so much longer and you’ll appreciate that a lot more. Look up Modal on wiki and you’ll see what I mean.

Other than depleting my bank account on sales I did manage to get out for NYE this year and it was fun. Not what I had planned, which was Vegas, but not bad for a last minute switch. I went to Area 33 in LA for their FireStarter Ball, which is hilarious because it’s a total drugged out playground and I have never nor will I ever (most likely) do drugs of any kind (Yes I am a rare breed). It was psyched out in neon lights and paint and just about everyone was tripping on one drug or another, but it was amazing music and a great venue and highly recommended if you ever want to chill out with people who probably wont remember you the next day, but will give you love all night long. No lie. This is their Facebook Page incase you are curious: .

So what did you all do during the Holiday? Did you find any great sales go to any great events? Please share below. Oh and I promise I will attempt to update more now that I’ve got my hot showers and sleep caught up on.


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Hair All Over

December 29, 2010

Nothing is sexier than pulling off the wooly mammoth look. Oddly enough I really really like this spread. Emily Blunt wears Tom Ford well and the pieces sans hair are quite beautiful and hug the body perfectly.

I know this spread got all over online and typically I’d try not to post it, but I couldn’t help it how many times during the year do you get a hairy dress? Not often enough.

In the mean time sorry for the lack of posting my holiday was full of travel and kids that don’t let you sleep. I love my niece and nephew dearly, but I can’t wait until they are old enough to sleep adult hours. In our family adult hours are midnight until 10am. I think we’re about 12 years away from that.

Well now that I’m back I’ll attempt to keep up the posting or go for the award of worlds worst fashion blogger (does that exist? if so I should get it) Congrats to everyone who did post during break you are truly inspiring.


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