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January 7, 2011

It took me about 45 minutes or so on Twitter tonight and YouTube to realize CES is going on. I am a tech junky so then I spent another hour looking at the new toys that are soon be out. Then I remembered I really need to add something to this blog, but what? Then I had my AHA! moment and that brings me to Tecno-Fashion. Some hate it some love it, but here I have compiled what I think are the most beautiful tecno-fashionable trends out there.

We begin with the Diana Eng inflatable dress, which from the back doesn’t look like much, but from the front it actually has the ability play hose to multiple silhouettes something that takes a lot of sewing to accomplish other wise. Next up is the Rodarte LED shoes eerie and yet so eye attracting. This is followed by a gorgeous Mary Huang LED dress. We have all seen LED dresses ala Katy Perry for instance, but let’s face it this one is gorgeous and wearable I mean I would totally rock those lights if I could…wouldn’t you?

And of course I could not leave with out mentioning the Lucy McRae fluid dress from Robyn’s Indestructible video. It’s not the most practical of tech-fashion, but it’s so much fun to watch don’t you think?

Oh! and last, but not least here’s a little video for you that was taken of the spray on fabric that was being used to make that dress. Now here I am curious of your opinions because I like what they are doing, though I find spray on fabric to be a little creepy. Other’s though have stated opposition saying that it’s ugly. Opinions? (Ha I guess this turned into me asking questions mainly, but I really want to know others opinions on this I know mine tech+fashion=happy kate :). Watch the video let me know and now I must bid you adieu.



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  1. January 10, 2011 7:34 pm

    cute post!!!

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