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Shopping 101

January 3, 2011

New Year, New Sales, Time to shop for oneself once more. The great part is January is an awesome time to load up on winter apparel and old spring items because it will be on sale. Why? Because Spring lines should be releasing by now. Out with the old in with the new.

Because of my fashion know how and common sense I knew the VS Semi Annual Sale would be going on. Normally I would load up on bras and panties, but this time I went for the Moto Stitch Jeans I have been dying to get my hands on, another modal tank top for $15, and that beautiful tunic you see in the first pic. The Tunic was a purchase whim that I hope I wont regret, but peeps the Modal Tank is so worth the full asking price, but I knew the sale would be in the beginning of January so I waiting. I already have one other. The great part with it is it lasts in the wash.

(Tip Time)Modal holds color a lot better than other fabrics and it’s way softer than 100% cotton so if you ever have a choice of getting 2 Tee’s for $10 or one Modal tee for $15 go with Modal it will last you so much longer and you’ll appreciate that a lot more. Look up Modal on wiki and you’ll see what I mean.

Other than depleting my bank account on sales I did manage to get out for NYE this year and it was fun. Not what I had planned, which was Vegas, but not bad for a last minute switch. I went to Area 33 in LA for their FireStarter Ball, which is hilarious because it’s a total drugged out playground and I have never nor will I ever (most likely) do drugs of any kind (Yes I am a rare breed). It was psyched out in neon lights and paint and just about everyone was tripping on one drug or another, but it was amazing music and a great venue and highly recommended if you ever want to chill out with people who probably wont remember you the next day, but will give you love all night long. No lie. This is their Facebook Page incase you are curious: .

So what did you all do during the Holiday? Did you find any great sales go to any great events? Please share below. Oh and I promise I will attempt to update more now that I’ve got my hot showers and sleep caught up on.


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