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Walk That (Airport) Runway

December 22, 2010

*Walk Walk Fashion Baby ummm yeah those heels wouldn’t even make it onto my feet even if I were laying down. God bless that girl and her crazy high shoes.

Where as stilettos and skirts or lack there of skirts may work for the likes of Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga most of us regular folk normally end up…well….

*Sexy Bitch Alert :O

A hot mess. (I know I couldn’t find any airport shots of people. Where is there a People of LAX website when you need one? (side note yes that’s me I’m hiking don’t judge 😉 please.) Yes sweat pants are butts hanging out and often a sweaty mess from carrying our bags, but where as this is what normally happens what should happen is shown promptly below.

Sheek and casual, but not over the top. These looks are very doable in the airport and quite comfortable when on the plane. So when you are getting ready for your flight this Holiday season remember skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, flat shoes, and a nice billowy top will work just fine.

Now in order to avoid looking like my hiking photo above this year I am donned something like this to the airport and I will be donning this on the way back too. (What it’s not like anyone who sat next to me on the way there is going to be next to me on the way back).

Sweat pants because of the early or late flight times. These allow you to curl up get comfortable and allow for any extra bloatage to expand without being uncomfortable and these ones look very well put together (Please refrain from the ones that have Juicy on the ass your classier than that or maybe your not, but either way don’t do it). Uggs because I’m moving from snowy to rainy climates and I find they are the easiest things to deal with. A nice chunky cardigan because they just are so freakin cute and warm.

A snood because it works in both weather conditions and adds to the ensemble and of course a tank top to take me from sweating my arse off from carrying luggage to looking sheek and simple under the cardigan. Then the finishing touch is fairly good sized cream colored bag. Mine is big enough to hold my 13 inch Macbook 🙂 plus a few other odds and ends, but I think the color works great to even out the browns and the darker color of the pants.

Now my coat is actually Columbia (I’m a ski gal) and I plan on just leaving that in my carry on unless I’m really cold. Otherwise the work looks I think as something that’s not overtly embarrassing to be in, but still comfortable to travel in :).


Oh! PS. I have that 7 for All Man Kind Tank and the production is great on it and it’s super comfy and doesn’t fade that bad in the laundry either. If you want I listed what the other brands our in the description of the photo just click to see.

Love Kate 🙂



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  1. December 22, 2010 4:23 pm

    gagaa!!!!! she’s crazy but I admire her style.

  2. December 27, 2010 4:22 am

    Love Gagas glasses

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