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I Was Busy This Week

December 6, 2010

AND…I’m back! Phew! It was such a busy week that I just couldn’t bring myself to blog and then I spent most of the weekend shamelessly watching movies in my PJ’s, in which case I finally watched Eclipse and during the movie I kept thinking “Damn Taylor is FIIINE and DAYUM Kristen Stewart has a horrible wig on”…I don’t know wigs just bother me.

For work this week I had to go to Divine Design on Wednesday and the following are some photos from the event. (…I have video, which is a lot more clear and will upload that hopefully later this week).

Divine Design is an event that raises money for Project Angel Food, which you can read more about here. The company I work for donated over $100,000 in merchandise for the event so we got to go to the Gala. I was pretty cool and I was excited to go especially when I found out Kelly Osbourne was going to be there. Ah I love her as you know from a previous post I wrote.

Random shot of dinner…not gonna lie the salad was not my favorite course because after the salad we got a delicious salmon and steak dish that was amazing so props to the people who work in the Beverly Hilton kitchen because you rock.

Photo’s are unorganized sorry WordPress was given me a hella time uploading. Anyway s you can see from this lovely blurred photo Brad Goreski was there. Eeee he is a cutie and much shorter in person than I thought he would be . Now onto more of my amazing blurry celebrity stalking photos…

Kelly Osbourne and David Arquette (I must ask David Arquette? I think he was taking the time to try to restore his image a little bit especially after all the party man press he was getting. So, yes, there you have it he does support charity too it’s just OK! Magazine and TMZ doesn’t care too much about that). 

Kelly Osbourne was gorgeous and you can see her much better in my video portions. At one point during the night I was standing right next to her while a girl was asking for a photo that was then taken by her two very large security guards. At this point I was way too shy/scared to ask for a photo, but I wish I would have she seemed nice at least, but I also figured at this point she noticed me photo stalking her so it was probably innappropriate. After I walked away I did see Ross the Intern and Sarah Rue (whom looks amazing right now).

Not sure if you know Sarah Rue, but she is a red head who recently did the commercials for Jenny Craig and wow that program and her personal trainer really worked fo her I mean she looked amazing. Now onto the actual shopping event experience.

First I should explain the event collects donations of clothing and homewares from production houses like 7 for All Man Kind and then sells them at discount to raise money. On the 1st and 2nd night the items are 50% off then on the 3-6 night they get 10% cheaper. On Saturday the items were all 70% off and I’m glad I went when I did. The shoes had already been picked over and so were some of the other brands like Paige Denim and True Religion Jeans. I  did manage however to get a few shirts and a couple of make up items and only spent $145. Phew! I was so worried I would go over my budget, but I didn’t, probably because the items were so picked over, but I plan on sharing the items I got in a post later on.

One of the largest sponsors is Barbie. They had Barbies galore, I swear if I would have been 7 I would have been all up in that. Haha. Man who didn’t like giving Barbie a mohawk? Or maybe that was just me? I’d also marry her off to G.I. Joes. Ken was just too metro for my liking. Of course when I was a kid my brothers would steal the G.I. Joes and Barbies from me and attach fireworks to them and then we had funerals (or maybe that was just me? I felt bad that they were destroyed and I had an active imagination).  I miss being a kid and blowing things up at random, those were good times *tear*. Needless to say I don’t think any barbies lasted past the age of 12. RIP BARBIE.

Well I hope you enjoyed the quick overview. There is a lot to say and there was also a huge award portion of the event that I had to shamelessly leave early from, but all in all it is a great event for a great cause and if you are in LA around this time next year I urge you to shop at this event because this way your not only buying Christmas presents for yourself and family, but you are also giving money to a charity so it’s really a win win situation.

On another note why doesn’t Fashions Night Out work like this…especially in LA could you imagine having all the shopping in one place and not have to shuffle store to store? Ugh that would be amazing.

Well until next time.



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  1. December 6, 2010 8:37 pm

    I really loved this post, GREAT!!

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