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My Black Friday Shopping List

November 26, 2010

Tulle Bomber Jacket – $80 – (50% off plus free shipping for Black Friday), Poppy Tartan Glam Tote – $198 – coach.comCoastal Scents 88 Color Palette, Warm: Beauty-$25, Love Spell® Midnight Hydrating Body Lotion– $9 – (Best Smelling Lotion Ever), Birch Candlepot – $11 – crateandbarrel.comBarnes & Noble – NOOKcolor eReader – Black – BNRV200– $250 – bestbuy.comNats Camera-$230 –, Call Of Duty Black Ops-, Target Gift Card –,  Mamma Mia! –, Victoria’s Secret – Gift Cards–


Truthfully these are some of the items I am picking up. Keep in mind I have brothers. Also, not shown, I already got my niece a little Rockabye Princess Rocker that is totally adorable that you can see here (I got it off Beyond the Rack for $89, I hope she likes it) and then I got my nephew a suede recliner from Walmart (I hate shopping there, but it was the only place I could find the chair and it was only $85.

Honestly as much as I respect the other Holiday gift guides people do I find it incredibly hard to shop for clothes for family members, hence the gift cards. The camera is, shamefully,  for me because it’s $80 off at Best Buy on Friday and honestly as you well know I need a new one. The e-reader is for my mom and I am going for the non-sale reader because it can check email and everything and it’s in color, which should help my mom whose been dying for one of these. In the mean time everything else is just odds and ends and some back up items just in case. Oh also Candles make great gifts because no matter what they normally get used or at least re-gifted (WIN WIN!!) Haha. No seriously one year I bought everyone I knew candles and well I learned not to do it for everyone because then they dub you the candle maker/gift giver (yes I know how to make candles and I do gift them sometimes) , but it’s great for those acquaintances that you’re not that close with, but still want to buy a gift for.

As for budget remember peeps I do work full-time and I have a savings set aside for times like these. Also, the kids presents I bought months ago in preparation. I find that budgeting and being timely with buying works better. The only reason I was waiting for black friday on some of this is because I knew the sales would be good and I like to save money. Careful planning and thought helps anyone to stay on budget. Though there have been years when the only presents I could give were either homemade or none at all except my presence so I look forward to this year where I can afford to give gifts like this. If you work hard and focus anything is possible even financial freedom :).

Well there you have it my gifting list this year. Back to fashion in another day. I

Until next time. (hopefully I’ll be less ramble-y)




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