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Brands: Top Picks and Some Other Tid Bits

November 12, 2010

Warning: This is my ranting about marketing and brands again. Here I share some of my favorites and why and what they do right along with some other tid bits. If you like that stuff stay, read, comment…if not visit some blogs on bloglovin’ it’s a fun place to chill. 🙂






I like to call these the brands that do it right. Sure, they slipped in some points in their long lienage of branding, but they are still in their game. Take Burberry for example before they had Angela Ahrendts as CEO they had problems. Too much cost and not enough revenue. The Burberry plaid was too simply attainable and then she came in cut the bottom line and years later they are bigger and better than ever. How did they do this? They changed with the times and embraced it. Cut the useless costs and focused on key areas such as design.

Tory Burch is a relatively young brand, but she does well because she embraces change and took fast to the social media chagrin. Sure she had Oprah to help, but honestly just because your on a t.v. show once doesn’t mean you stop marketing.

Victoria’s Secret is the brand that did it right. Honestly, besides Apple (who is in a league of their own when it comes to marketing) they really are a top brand. They carry their logo across all aspects of their business and have expanded into an empire. Sure it helps to have beautiful women, but have you ever thought that normally the one thing used to sell men is selling to women and working. They alluded to a lifestyle in which many women wanted, but couldn’t attain and let them obtain it. Now any woman out there can wear the same lingerie as Alessandra Amrbosio or Heidi Klum. Amazing how well the “Keeping up with The Joneses method works”

As well Moschino…so understated in the US, but a well-known brand among bloggers especially in europe. It’s simply amazing how they infiltrated the word of mouth markets by just working the press and PR. A key ingredient to success.

Basically the lesson of this post is to work it. Honestly work all aspects you can’t expect to start writing a blog and have it take off you need to put effort into it. Go to events and get original content. Make friends and talk and leave comments on other blogs. Make sure you are putting worth into the project. I will tell you; you can’t expect to follow 50 people on Twitter and have 1000 follow you unless you get lucky or have a friend who is famous promoting you. No, I prefer the follow method obviously and I engage in conversation (sometimes silly and sometimes businessy).

Other methods (these can take money so if you don’t have money don’t worry it may still be useful down the road) used that are so obvious is ads. Facebook ads work incredibly well and when done right and fed into a fan page can increase your site’s traffic exponentially.  Same with Twitter and any other social media website you can lead them in with ads and links and it does work well, though testing the ad does prove favorable as some people respond to different words better than others and photos as well.

The other key is content. You need to feed people and offer fresh content. Keep it precise and to the point. Be an authority so they respect you. Don’t question anything you say. If they call you out talk about it. Don’t lie because they will call you out on it. In the world of marketing “Content is King”.

It’s not like this is rocket scientist. In the mean time I think Thursdays will be my business posts. It’s a good day during the week for me to think about things and write about them as well as get things off my chest. If you have something you’re wondering about in terms of marketing or numbers ask. I really have nothing to hide as I know some people like to keep tricks a secret, but honestly if you look hard enough nothing is a secret not with Google on every browser I’m just trying to save you the research time.

Question: If you could be a brand what brand would you be? My choice is always Victoria’s Secret for the obvious and not so obvious. What’s yours?



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  1. November 13, 2010 12:45 am

    i love victoria secrets x

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