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Getting the Word Out

October 25, 2010

Retail Therapy

What you see in your inbox.

What you see when you go to the site.

Now you may have noticed on over there —-> on the right side bar there is a little icon that says Shop It To Me Trendsetter. Well a few weeks ago the peeps over at that blog read a comment I had left on a blog they wrote and then read my blog and asked me if I wanted to join and of course being a promotional monster I am on just about everything, except apparently this blog I said yes because any good blogger should promote their blog.

Now Shop It To Me wasn’t new to me I had already been using it’s service for about a month. You see Shop It To Me works by sending you product updates of items on sale from stores you like. It’s easy and is delivered to you in box every day.

I, myself, am signed up for Bluefly, NordstromsVictoria’s Secret, and a few more at the moment, but they have a lot more brands to choose from and I like it because it delivers everything to my inbox without me having to sign up for different Direct Mailers.

Business time!

Shop It to Me works like Shopstyle in terms of how they get the product on their pages  a site I love to use when looking for that particular item. Now Shopstyle uses a data feed from the retail site that allows the products to be aggregated directly from the site. This works because the feed spyders the site and grabs recent products from it and thus you have Shopstyle and Shop It To Me and just about every other shopping engine out there even the Google Market Place works the same day. So lesson if you build a retail site make sure you have a data feed. It’s a great way to promote the products and work on SEO.

Which if your a noob to the term SEO. All SEO is is Search Engine Optimization, which basically means that people are out there linking keywords so that there site will show at the top of google and as a company you always want your keywords on the front page since most people don’t go past page 2 when searching on google.

So that’s the lesson there and there is some more too it, but since I like to keep these fairly short I will say if you want more info on it just leave a little note below and I will get back to you. I know the differences between Black Hat SEO and White Hat and I also know how to protect sites from spammers as well and all that good stuff about how people can pull in major numbers into there social sites and a lot of it is really really simple.

For the Bloggers

Now on a side note. Here is a lovely video about Bloglovin if you are running a blog corporate or personal this is a great site and I use it when I go on my reading rampages. As a blogger it’s good to know your community and leave comments. Create connections, it helps.

Another great place to be is Independent Fashion Bloggers if you’re a fashion blogger (there are other groups for non-fashion bloggers) . I am a member of IFB and it’s great, there are tips on there on how to work on your blog. I highly recommend joining if you’re a fashion blogger of any kind because it’s another great way to meet others and get some great tips.

Well I think that’s all for now. Sorry if it seemed choppy, but it would be way to easy for me to go off on a tangent and I am trying to keep it all straight and as short as possible.

Love Kate

Don’t forget if you’re already on Bloglovin give me a follow. I’ll love you so much 🙂 and if you’re on it let me know cause I would love to follow you as well.

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