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Tom Ford’s Secret

September 16, 2010

I have to credit for these photos or actually Cathy Horyn who posted them on NYT originally even if they are somewhat stalker-ish. Why am I posting them when you can see them everywhere even on Refinery29? Because the marketer in me couldn’t resist the question. Is this a publicity stunt or is he really protecting the collection from the fast fashion houses?

In the world of marketing it seems nothing works better to sell a product better than telling people they can’t have it or by making it exclusive. This is why Hautelook was so successful in its launch and also Rulala as well. Both offering the allure of designer goods at half off prices, but making it exclusive and having it be invite only.

In the mind of the consumer in a country like America or any country where technology reigns supreme and where we want it now this is something that will drive the consumer nuts. Either it will backfire and people will stop waiting for it or more photo’s will leak and he will get fantastic press off of it knowing that those that weren’t at the show have to see it now and want to buy it now. It is a contrived tactic that has been done before, but I hope the collection is worth it and I can’t wait to see more slip ups.

Already the slight visage of the dress on Beyonce and the hair makes me want to see this collection. If you happen to run into anything else that says any thing more about this let me know I am incredibly curious about this.

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