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Fashion’s Night Out (LA Edition)

September 12, 2010

Fashion’s Night Out in LA started with a lot of Hype. Here are just some of the photos beginning with my walk down Robertson Blvd. 

Then I checked out the Refinery29/Philip Lim Party!

Then I did a quick visit to the Beverly Center…where I figured it was 1. cheaper and 2. more my style. I was right.

I missed the opening, but they did have this little performance going on when I stopped by.

I only bought two necklaces from Forever21’s accessory store in the mall Love21. Yes Forver21 actually seperates the accessories from their main store in this mall.

Final thoughts: I think it would have been better to sit at home and watch Stand Up to Cancer. For one not many Celebrities would be in town until Saturday or Sunday during the VMA’s because Fashion Week was in NYC and so was the Stand Up to Cancer Event. Also, I find shopping to be personal and I’m not sure many businesses make money. I am all for celebrating fashion and having shows and everything ala Fashion Week, but FNO is lost on me. The stores are full of gorgeous people who don’t buy much, but they do drink a lot and party.

The Refinery Party was crazy it was basically two giant lines for the food and drinks. I found it boring, but maybe because I need a fashion buddy since again shopping I find to be intimate and personal and that’s the vibe I got. It wasn’t about mingling or meeting new people. It was more about dressing up and going out, which is a typical Friday night for most people in LA anyway. Although, I give them credit 3.1 Phillip Lim is gorgeous inside the store and so are the clothes and the hype that blog builds is amazing.

For one final note on FNO LA. NYC FNO got cars to scoot them around why didn’t they offer this in LA. I get it we are car centric, but I think a lot of people would prefer rides rather than paying a valet 20 dollars or having to walk 3 blocks for a spot since in LA parking is an issue. Not to mention wouldn’t this help to reduce drunk driving? Come on LA I beg you to wake up and work on this issue for next year.

Let me know if you went to any Fashion Night Out Events and what you thought below because I would love to hear more opinions for a regular audience rather than the Fashion publications and stores themselves.

❤ Kate

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